Collection: BADDxUNICORN

We partnered with Andreya Taylor-Shorter of Meticulously Eccentric to provide Loud, In-Your-Face, Super-Fruity-Fun scents to match her Super-Rainbow-Unicorn-From-Outer-Space vibe! Andreya is a Fashion Designer based in Seattle and Las Vegas that brings her Out-of-the-Box expressions to life in her collections at Meticulously Eccentric. Her repertoire ranges from out of this world gowns, wearable art accessories, and face masks fit for a Rave AND protecting yourselves and those around you from illness in style!

These scents will leave a fun and flirty essence in the air everywhere you go! We have two collections, NEON VyBEZ and paSTELLA! NEON VyBEZ is our High Key and more potent scent-scape, and paSTELLA is our more Low-Key, less potent but sweet scent-scape.

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