Litti Bitti Pretties

Litti Bitti Pretties

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Mini Sized Body Butters

Awww! So cute!

These Litti Bitti Pretties are 1oz big, will last you about a month per jar and smell fantastic!

Scent Menu:

By the Fyre: Sensual Vanilla-Spruce

Dymond Mynd: Cool Wintergreen-Patchouli

Feedbakk: Natural, Nutty, Unscented

GLDN RANGZ: Crisp Rosewood-Pear

Like Kandi: Fruity, Fun, Mango-Peach

Myti-Myti: Musky Sandalwood-Frankincense

Neon Valley: Sensual Lily of the Valley-Violet

Salli Ryde: Uplifting Rosemary-Spearmint

Sweet Dreem: Relaxing Lavender-Jasmine

Vylit Stars: Floral-Fresh Violet-Lime-Grapefruit

Yu So Sweet: Pleasant Honeydew-Honeysuckle



Apple Bottum: Apple-Rain

J’adore U: Green Tea-Rain

Kyssin’ French: Juicy Pink Grapefruit-Ylang Ylang

Secryt AdMYrer: Chamomile-Eucalyptus


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