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This mini pack is a whole vibe! Badder Body and Joule Sea have  partnered together to create a scent-scape that soothes!

Awww! So cute!

These Litti Bitti Pretties are from Seattle Emcee Joule Sea's Chill-Hop in a jar Collection BADDxSOVEREIGN. This collection's scents are made with the essence of Joule Sea's album Sovereign Queendom and all proceeds go to Forever Safe Spaces Local Community Funding Program for Artists and Cultural Workers to have access to a living wage, secure housing, mentorship, and other important resources needed to thrive in heavy displacement zones. You can pick a cause to support at as well.

These minis are 1oz big, are great for travel, and smell fantastic!

Grab a 1 oz jar of each scent in this collection! They are perfect little gifts, great for finding your favorite scent, perfect for travel, and it's cute for you AND your wallet! 

In this Mini Pack you get a 1 oz jar of each of the following scents: 

Aire Bendyr, a Zen-like Spring Palo Santo
Blossum's Path, a Dewy Lavender
Kouture Tyte, a Woodsy Jasmine-Patchouli-Sage
Shadi Foryst, a Green Walk in the Woods!

Usage - From Fro to Flo'

You may use this all over your skin, lips, and parts of your hair depending on what type of hair you have.

Body Butter is best used on damp skin and hair to lock in moisture. 

Those with curly hair may apply from scalp to ends to lock in moisture, add curl, and prevent split ends and breakage.
Those with straight and wavy hair may apply on ends of hair to lock in moisture and prevent split ends and breakage.


Shea Butter
Jojoba Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil for Scent

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