Jurassic World- Soap'd By Fani Luxury Artisan Soap

Jurassic World- Soap'd By Fani Luxury Artisan Soap

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This Soap is No Joke

As you can see this soap is one of a kind serving us such careful and creative detail and irresistible cuteness! Made with sustainable ingredients like dissolvable Bio-Glitter to prevent clogging your tub with everlasting fairy dust, White Clay for detoxifying your pores, and Plant Based Milk to provide a luxury lather and skin moisturization to die for, this soap is not only pretty but practical. These bars come THICC to provide a long lasting experience. You will bathe like a Baddie Forever!

This soap has a base with varying layers of brown tones with Black Squares on the bottom half and a poured Green and Yellow Swirl on the top half adorned with a Red Flower to resemble an Archaeologist's Dig Site and is topped with Leafed Green Soap adorned with two White Dinosaur Skull Molded Soap and a Red Leaf Molded Soap.

Fragrance: Top notes of bay leaf and fir needle and then leading into a heart of bright bergamot , sandalwood and cedar of a sweet tobacco base with hints of black licorice.

Main Ingredients: Saponified Oils of : Olive , Coconut , Sustainably Sourced Palm , Sunflower , Canola , Soybean , Castor , Avocado , Almond Milk , Coconut Milk , Kaolin Clay , Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying agent) , Skin safe Fragrances & Micas , Distilled Water , Sodium Lactate , Bioglitter

NOTICE: We are not responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur when using our products so please read the description/ingredient labeling before purchasing!

What to Expect: Each bar weighs approximately 7oz (Hand cut so weight may vary)
Each bar is shrink wrapped and labeled and not all designs are exactly identical, as they are made by hand.
For longer lasting bars store in a dry cool place after use

We do not accept returns on opened soap products