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Do you feel strongly about knowing what you put in and on your body? Do you want to spread the knowledge about high quality, yet simple solutions for taking care of yourself? If you said yes, you fit the description of who we are looking to add to our Team Badder program.

Here at Badder Body, we not only believe that every body should have the tools they need to perform excellent self care, we also believe in sharing the wealth with those who love Badder as much as we do! That’s why we created the Team Badder program. This is where those who share our ideals and values may also earn income by becoming an official partner with Badder Body. Our Affiliates not only recognize the impact and importance of quality self care, but we also enjoy Badder Body ourselves. We created the Team Badder program so that kindred spirits part of the family. 

Here’s how it works:

When you Click the link below, you will be prompted to create an account with us and there you will receive a customizable shopping link and coupon code. This link allows you to send your family, friends, fans, and any other folks you love to our Badder Body online store, except when they buy our Skincare Solutions, they get a special 10% coupon, and you get a 15% commission of what they spend. This is paid out to you via PayPal biweekly on Friday. Put lots of thought into customizing your link and coupon code because you will not be able to customize it again. Be sure to place the link on your website, social media, and video descriptions  to make the most out of the program.

We promise you, we will never require any minimums, goals, or pressure to sell from Badder Body!!! [I cannot stress this enough!] Think of us as the water that you have been lead to! If you're thirsty, you will drink and if you're not, the water will not beg you to consume it. In short, we will never try to convince you to anything that you are not willing to do yourself.

We do, however, hope that you enjoy being part of the Team Badder family and that it can provide a significant extra income to you and your personal family!

To create your account and officially become a part of the Team Badder family, click the link below!

Team Badder

Alright! Now go and be Badd you Ultimate Baddie, you! ;]

Much love,


Owner, Creator of Badder Body