Han-San - All Natural Hand Sanitizer

Han-San - All Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Badder Body's Han-San will give you the clean you need without damaging or drying the skin with the help of all-natural ingredients. All it takes is 2-4 spritzes of this sanitizing spray to safely clean bacteria from skin and surfaces!

Size: 2 oz.


91% Isopropyl Alcohol
Almond Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Witch Hazel
Essential Oil for Scent

Scent Menu

Feedbakk: Unscented

Like Kandi: Fruity, Fun, Mango-Peach

Salli Ryde: Uplifting Rosemary-Spearmint

Sweet Dreem: Relaxing Lavender-Jasmine

Yu So Sweet: Pleasant Honeydew-Honeysuckle

Appyl Bottum: Fresh Apple

J’adore U: Gentle Green Tea

Pynk: Yummy Pink Grapefruit-Ylang Ylang

Secryt AdMYrer: Serene Chamomile-Eucalyptus