Collection: Baddie Bunch

You are now rockin’ with the BEST!!! The Baddie Bunch Collection features the best Body Butter Scents from every season! Badder features a new collection of three or four Body Butter scents and there is always one scent that SHINES! After the season ends, most of the scents are retired but the star of the show makes the cut to be part of the Baddie Bunch!

The Baddie Bunch includes the following scents:

Like Kandi: A Juicy Mango-Peach named after “Candy” by Cameo est. Summer 2019

Salli Ryde: An Uplifting Rosemary-Spearmint named after “Sally Ride” by Janelle Monae est. Autumn 2020

Sweet Dreem: A Relaxing Lavender-Jasmine named after “Sweet Dream” by Beyoncé est. Spring 2019

Yu So Sweet: A Pleasant Honeydew-Honeysuckle named after “Honey” by Erykah Badu

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