About Badder

About Badder

Badder is created with tender love and care that you can actually feel on your skin. Each ingredient is well thought out and tested to be the best for your skin.

Badder Body

Badder Body, a beacon of quality clean self-care in Seattle, has been transforming beauty routines for the past seven years. The brand's journey began with a frustration familiar to many – the struggle to find a product that could effectively moisturize newly natural hair. Enter Acacia, the visionary behind Badder Body, who not only found a solution but turned it into a thriving business.

The cornerstone of Badder Body's success is its signature Body Butter, a product that started as a personal remedy and evolved into a community favorite. From addressing the dry and brittle struggles of natural hair, Badder Body's Body Butters became a sensation, earning attention from King 5 News and Converge Media for their transformative moisturizing capabilities, catering from 'Fro to Flo’. In 2020, Badder Body took its well-deserved place in the beauty industry, establishing its flagship shop at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall and showcasing at various trade shows across the Puget Sound region.

As the brand flourished, so did its product offerings. Badder Body expanded beyond its beloved Body Butters to introduce a diverse range, including Roll-On Fragrances, Hair and Beard Oils, and Candles. The signature scents, carefully curated from community favorites, have now grown into an extensive collection, offering both pre-formulated fragrances and the opportunity for thousands of custom blends. Badder Body continues to redefine self-care, proving that innovation and community-centric products remain at the heart of their journey.