About Badder

About Badder

Badder is created with tender love and care that you can actually feel on your skin. Each ingredient is well thought out and tested to be the best for your skin.

Badder Body Butter

Our Body Butter has a rich and velvety texture that immediately melts right into your skin. This is because of its organic and unrefined ingredients! It's made up of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil. All of these ingredients are extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. Shea Butter is known to balance the moisture and oil in your skin, Coconut Oil restores the skin's natural PH Balance, Jojoba Oil is a natural antimicrobial, and Olive Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. With their powers combined, they can get the job done in keeping your skin young, healthy, and glowing. 


Our Body Butter also helps keep your hair's perfect amount of moisture. It's perfect for Coily, Loc'd, and more porous hair types because each ingredient penetrates the scalp and the hair to provide the nourishment that it needs AND acts a stellar detangler for those who are trying to show off that curl pattern! It's also perfect for Straight and less porous hair when applied to the ends because it prevents split ends and breakage for both hair types.


Since our Body Butter is so rich in nutrients, it lasts practically forever, especially in comparison to other mainstream moisturizing product. A little bit of Badder goes a LOOOOONG way! In a study, those who share the 8 oz jar with a loved one or two and use it for hair and body have their jar for an average of 5 months before needing a refill! We at Badder encourage recycling, so if you send your jar back to us, we will give you a discount code for 25% off of your next jar of the same size!


The most fun thing about out Body Butter is the scent selection! We have six scents [see what we did there?] that will literally make your mouth water! There's a scent for every mood whether you're wanting to manifest it, or enhance it.

Feedbakk is the "unscented" scent, but it's for those who just enjoy the lovely aroma of the Shea Butter-Coconut Oil-Jojoba Oil-Olive Oil Mixture and are going for an "I'm in my natural, I’m so centered" sort of mood.

La La Lemyn is the soothing Lemongrass scent for those who are going for an "I'm relaxing with my cup of proverbial lemon tea" essence.

Like Kandi is the fun Mango-Peach combination scent for those who are going for an "Oh, I'm just on my way to the beach in my itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini and of course I'm the one bringing the giant beach ball!" type of vibe.

Motha Funkin’ Mynt is the fresh Peppermint scent for those who are going for a “Wake me up! Before ya go, go!” kind of day.

Summa Breaze is the exciting Lemongrass-Peppermint combination scent for those who are going for an “I’m confident that the day will be great and nobody can tell me otherwise” deal.

Sweet Dreem is the relaxing Jasmine-Lavender scent for those who are fling for a “serenity is my name, and peace is my game” aura.

The current seasonal scent is Vinylla Twylite, the sensual Vanilla scent for those who are going for a “Mmm... I’m literally yummy” sort of confidence.

The Future of Badder

Currently, the Badder team is cooking up a natural soap recipe that will end the drying feeling that soaps provide while also cleansing the skin effectively. We are also experimenting on a natural Scented Body Oil recipe that will match the Body Butter Scents. In the future, we will tackle Face Masks and specialized skincare products like hyperpigmentation serums and toners, lip and body scrubs, and shampoo bars, all while staying true to the Badder mission of staying natural and organic. While we have plenty ideas on the board for review and execution, we are always accepting of suggestions for things that you want to see from Badder in the future!