Baddie Bunch Mini Pack

Baddie Bunch Mini Pack

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This is the Main Event! The Headliner! The DESTINY'S CHILD of Badder Body's Body Butter! These are the scents that make the cut after their season is over and you get to get them all RIGHT here! :] Congrats!

 Grab a 1 oz jar of all of our BEST scents! They are perfect little gifts, knock out a few friends at once for the holidays! It'll be cute for you AND your wallet! Buy a pack so you can decide your favorite scent, and give your family and friends a taste of the scent that makes you think of them! They're also easy to travel with, perfect for quick moisture on the plane!  

In this Mini-Pack you get a 1 oz jar of each of the very best Badder scents: Hevi Bred, our sexy Cedar Saffron combo scent, Like Kandi, our fruity Mango-Peach combo scent, Sweet Dreem, or relaxing Jasmine-Lavender scent, and Yu So Sweet, our pleasant Honeydew-Honeysuckle scent.



Shea Butter

Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Essential Oil for Scent

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